SunRav Software news

SunRav TestOfficePro 6.0.4 released 07.05.2014

Miscellaneous (cosmetic mainly) improvements and fixes.

SunRav WEB Class 3.7 released 18.03.2014

What's new

  • Responsible design support. Now SunRav WEB Class may works on all devices: from mobile phone up to computers with big screen.
  • New visual themes.
  • Testing date may be limited.
  • Average data in group reports.
  • Users may change visual theme and interface language.
  • User name and group instead user login on the page top.
  • Flash issue under FireFox was fixed.
  • tMaker:
    • You may mark any text as HTML code.
    • Export of OLE objects as image.
    • "Smart" insertion of flash files.
    • Video and audio export according HTML5 standards.