tAdmin :: Adding a User

Adding a User

Select the User / New menu item or click the button to add a new user.

Fill in the required fields:

Name - user name. All users should have unique names. So it is better to use a combination of the user's first name and his/her surname.

Group - select the user's group. If there is no such a group, click the ... button on the left. A dialog window will appear. Select the group in this window and it will be automatically added to the list of groups.

Password - type in the password the user must use to access tests.

Confirm password - type in the password again.

Do the following to add several users at a time:

1. Create a text file with the user list for one group. Type the user's name in the first line of the file, his password - in the second line, another user's name in the third one, his password in the fourth, etc.

2. Click the Import button and select the prepared file.