tMaker :: Overview


       tMaker is a part of SunRav TestOfficePro - the complete solution for knowledge, personality and aptitude testing and assessment. SunRav TestOfficePro can be used for academic and pre-employment testing, personnel testing and certification or as a part of computer-aided teaching solutions.

       tMaker is a feature-rich tool for creation of tests used by tTester - the SunRav TestOfficePro testing module (SunRav TestOfficePro also includes tAdmin - the tool for test data processing and remote user management).

       Use tMaker to easily create tests for school and college achievement testing, pre-employment personality or aptitude testing, for students assessment and employee certification. You can use in your tests various fonts, formulas, graphs, charts, tables, sounds and video files, HTML documents and any OLE objects. Any question and answer can be formatted using all variety of fonts, various alignments, paragraph styles, lists, subscripts, superscripts etc.

       All test information is ciphered using the strong encryption algorithms. The program supports multiple languages and features the ability to add new languages by editing a plain text language file.