SunRav BookEditor :: Purpose

SunRav BookEditor is used for creating and editing different electronic books and manuals. Any book can consist of an unlimited number of chapters, sections and subsections.


  • Text with various visual effects (various fonts, bold, italics, underlined, line-through characters, characters with a line above them, subscript and superscript characters, etc.)
  • Creating CHM, HTML, PDF, RTF and Custom documentation.
  • Compiling EXE books.
  • Supporting text styles
  • Paragraphs with different visual effects: numbered/bulleted/alphabetical lists, borders, background colors, alignment, indentions, line spacing, etc.
  • Supporting images and any OLE-objects
  • Supporting tables. Tables can be nested.
  • Supporting various standard Windows control elements: buttons, lists, combo boxes, radio button groups, etc.
  • Importing all documents of the HTML, RTF, TXT formats to a particular directory.
  • If you have MS Office installed on your computer, you can also import and export your books from (to) MS Office files: DOC, XLS, etc.
  • Working with files of the CHM format: importing books from this format and compiling them into this format. The program will help you create help files for your software products quite easily.
  • A variety of links can make it easier to navigate a book and run different documents and programs.
  • Integration with the SunRav TestOfficePro package - you can insert links to tests into your manuals so the user can pass a test when studying your manual.
  • Moving sections in a book.
  • Opening a book (a file with the .srb extension) by dragging it from Windows Explorer to the main window of BookEditor.
  • Previewing created books in SunRav BookReader.
  • Moreover, the size of electronic books and manuals is as small as possible.