SunRav BookEditor :: Printing

  • Printing a book

To print the entire book, select the Print/Print... menu item or press Ctrl+P.

To preview what would be printed, select Print/Print preview menu item.

Printing a chapter

To print the current chapter, select the Print/Print chapter menu item or press Ctrl+Alt+P.

To preview what would be printed, select Print/Chapter print preview menu item.

Printing table of contents

To print the table of contents, select the Print/Print TOC menu item or press Alt+P.

In the dialog window that will appear, you can configure printing settings:

  • Page margins. Measured in hundredths of a millimeter.
  • Header - the name of the document being printed.
  • Font, which will be used to print the table of contents
  • Page numbering parameters (whether to add page numbers, text position and the text itself).

To start printing, press Print.